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Black Honey Tobacco

Rich tobacco flavor blended with sweet honey. Simple, yet complex flavor worthy of an all day vape.


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Product Options
30 mL ($9)
50 mL ($15)
100 mL ($25)
240 mL ($50)
Nicotine Strength
If you want a nicotine strength that isn't listed, just let us know in the order comments!
We can customize nicotine strength in half-mg (0.5 mg per mL) increments.
We will not add over 24mg of nicotine, sorry!
0 mg (No Nicotine)
3 mg
6 mg
12 mg
18 mg
24 mg
PG/VG Ratio
Our standard mix is 50 PG/ 50 VG. We find this gives a great balance of flavor and vapor production.
Because of the bases we currently use, we can not mix 0 PG or 0 VG E-Juice.
80 PG / 20 VG
70 PG / 30 VG
60 PG / 40 VG
50 PG / 50 VG
40 PG / 60 VG
30 PG / 70 VG
20 PG / 80 VG (MAX VG)
Extra Flavoring
Want an extra kick of flavor?
Our standard flavor mix percentages are awesome, but sometimes you just want a little extra to tingle your taste buds!
Standard Flavor Mix
1 Extra Flavor Shot (+$0.25)
2 Extra Flavor Shots (+$0.50)
3 Extra Flavor Shots (+$0.75)
4 Extra Flavor Shots (+$1.00)
5 Extra Flavor Shots (+$1.25)
Add Menthol
If the E-Juice already has menthol, we will add 2% MORE menthol if you choose this option.
Yes (+$0.25)
Add Sweetener
If the E-Juice already has sweetener added to the flavoring, we will add 2% MORE sweetener if you choose this option.
Yes (+$0.25)
Add Thinner
We find that thinning high VG E-Juices (70 VG or higher) may provide better wicking in some older tanks.
Debbie J

new fan

Love this flavor!! I started buying black honey tobacco at my local vape shop but more often than not they would run out for weeks at a time. So I found Smooth Liquid on line and thought I would try your version of BHT and it was by far a better flavor than I was buying, AND it was made in the USA!!! Not China like my other juice was coming from. I love this flavor, I love the fast and very efficient service and I love the point system! Thanks Smooth Liquid...and I hope that you are all ok and safe from hurricane Michael.


    Black Honey Tabacco

    I started with black honey tobacco when I first started vaping. I had two vendors that carried it and both shops have closed. I was frantic to find a supplier, no luck. Last hope was on line and SL came up. Ordered a 50 ml. Bottle to try. IT'S FANTASTIC!!! I will be stocking up. I hate it when I finally find something I like and they discontinue it. Please keep your recipe, I will continue to buy. YAY!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

      David N

      Black Honey.

      SL makes the best Black Honey I have tasted. I bought black honey from my local dealer when I started vaping years ago but he sold his business and his black honey was eliminated. Can't tell you how many versions I tried before I found SL's black honey. It is very smooth, no throat bite or stinging nose.

        Thomas W


        This has to be the best tobacco eliquid by far. Smooth tasty and this is my every day vape must try.....ThomasWilliams....

          Frank from Massachusetts GO PATS!!!

          black honey bacco

          very difficult finding a good honey tobacco out there. Wait!! try this one, its really very good. i let it steep for a week or so and was itchin to try it earlier, but i didnt and when it finally got to this bottles turn i was so excited and now i got myself another flavor to always order Thanks to scott for turning me on to this website with his multiple reviews and specially the one that included the black honey tobacco and to Rodney for doing a great job at smooth liquid ordered 2 big bottles just today see what one does on a 2week + steep!! woo woo gonna be sucking down some damn fine juice ya boy! oh maybe just a dibble more on the honey side of the mix would make it even better just a dibble though

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          Black Honey Tobacco

          Black Honey Tobacco

          Rich tobacco flavor blended with sweet honey. Simple, yet complex flavor worthy of an all day vape.

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